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Lighting Audit | Business Energy Audit of Lighting SystemsYou Get Accurate Energy Savings Projections:
The technicians from Lighting Efficiency & Design will leave no stone unturned. They will examine the timers to confirm how long your lights are on. They will review your electric bills with you to confirm your costs per kilowatt, at your various usage rates and time of day. They will document the wattage drawn by each and every bulb in your facility. The result – a 100% accurate energy efficiency audit of how much you will save on every monthly electric bill by converting to energy-efficient lighting. No one else does more than give you a back of the envelope projection of approximate costs.

You Get A Thorough Estimate Of Your Costs To Convert:
Most other lighting companies glance at your fixtures and bulbs from the floor and prepare their estimates from there. Experience has taught us that this leaves too many potential mistakes that you will pay for in the wrong product being ordered, and your conversion project experiencing delays and complication. Our Lighting Efficiency & Design lighting consultants and technicians will remove each lamp type and disassemble each fixture type in your facility. Here’s why:

  • •   Correctly noting the beam spread angle, color temperature, wattage drawn, and lumens produced for each bulb is essential to getting the right LED or CFL replacement, and to understanding the amount of electricity you will save.
  • •   There are different base types (configurations that your bulbs screw in to,) ballasts, and voltages and these cannot be determined with certainty without removing the bulb and inspecting the fixture. If this isn’t done, too often the wrong product is ordered.
  • •   It is impossible to tell, from the floor, how long the “neck” of the bulb in certain fixtures is. If the wrong length new bulb is ordered, the light is spread differently by the reflector in the fixture, and your lighting will be distributed differently. When you are illuminating a product, an assembly line, a work area, or an area with beautiful aesthetic lighting, the wrong bulb can change everything. That’s why we are extra careful to get this right during your comprehensive lighting audit.
  • •   The circuits that your bulbs are on also need to be inspected to make sure that if dimming or other special controls are in place, the right kind of bulbs are ordered to work in that environment.

Lighting Efficiency & Design is extra careful in doing our comprehensive lighting audit, because having the right information is so critical to your investment decision, and to the smooth implementation of your lighting conversion project.

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Energy Efficiency Audit of Lighting Systems

You Get A Thorough Analysis Of Your Maintenance Cost Savings:
Our inspection of your facilities and discussions with you about how your lighting maintenance and bulb replacements are done now, allow us to give you very accurate projections of how much money you will save by going to long life LED bulbs. In certain kinds of facilities, these savings can be a very big motivation to convert to LED’s.

We Confirm The Financial Incentives Available To You:
On your behalf, we research and confirm to you, the following items available in your area:

  • •   Rebates
  • •   EPAC Tax Benefits
  • •   Financing Options
  • •   Energy Savings Guarantees

Lighting Consultant | Free Energy Audit of Lighting SystemsGet Started Today By Requesting Your Lighting Audit:
Most other lighting companies merely count your light fixtures and bulbs from the floor and prepare their estimates from that. Experience has taught us that this approach leaves too many potential mistakes that you will pay for in the end. Most other lighting companies give you generalities about savings and financing options with lots of weasel words about the accuracy of their information. We don’t!

Lighting Efficiency & Design’s comprehensive lighting audits can be completed in a just few hours unless you have multiple facilities or extremely large facilities. Call us now, or fill out the form below to schedule your FREE, no-obligation comprehensive lighting audit and learn how a conversion to high efficiency lighting can benefit your business:

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