LED Warehouse Lighting

Finally, There’s An LED Lighting Conversion Program Designed Specially for Manufacturers & Warehouses

Save up to 80% on Electricity Bills, Reduce Maintenance Costs, Improve Safety And Take Advantage of Special Subsidy Programs On LED Warehouse Lighting and Manufacturing Facility Lighting!

LED High Bay Lighting | LED Warehouse LightingManufacturers and Warehouse owners are reaping the benefits of converting to high efficiency fluorescent lighting and energy efficient LED warehouse lighting, and its easy to see why:

  • 1.   They can save up to 80% savings on their warehouse lighting bill by using high efficiency fluorescent bulbs or energy efficient LED high bay lighting or LED low bay lighting.
  • 2.   By using high efficiency fluorescent or LED warehouse lighting, they reduce their monthly demand charge premium for high peak hour usage.
  • 3.   The high bay lighting fixtures in warehouses and manufacturing facilities are often difficult to reach making replacing burned-out bulbs expensive, disruptive and unsafe. High efficiency fluorescents and LED lights for warehouses need to be replaced considerably less often than standard metal halide bulbs.
  • 4.   Employee safety goes up with efficient warehouse lighting sources that don’t dim as they age like traditional fluorescent or high-pressure sodium metal halide bulbs
  • 5.   LED warehouse lights don’t flicker like traditional bulbs, reducing eye-strain. The color temperature and beam spreading options of these new energy efficient fixtures allow you to throw high-quality light exactly where you need it across the warehouses and manufacturing facilities.
  • 6.   Numerous subsidy programs are available to business owners who convert to LED warehouse lighting, industrial LED lighting or LED lighting for manufacturing facilities. This makes it even cheaper to begin reaping huge savings on your lighting bill.

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LED Warehouse Lighting | Industrial LED Lighting

LED and high efficiency fluorescent technology is quickly becoming the industry standard for industrial lighting. Now is the best time to make the transition from inefficient high-pressured sodium metal halide lamps to energy and money saving LED lights for warehouses and manufacturing facilities. Many LED warehouse lighting conversions can be done without having to replace existing fixtures, depending on the type of bulb and compatibility.

But converting to high efficiency lighting isn’t as simple as just ordering and screwing in replacement bulbs. Whether it is LED warehouse lighting, LED lighting for manufacturing facilities, industrial LED lighting, LED high bay lighting or LED low bay lighting, there are lots of technical and aesthetic factors to consider in picking the right LED and high efficiency fluorescent bulbs for each facility. There are housings, bases, back-up power systems, and wiring to inspect to ensure safety and high quality illumination of your important production areas. There are also numerous additional cost saving features to consider including timers, motion sensors, photo cells, and automatic dimming systems just to name a few.

LED Lights for Warehouse | LED High Bay Lighting | LED Low Bay Lighting

At Lighting Efficiency & Design, we specialize in dealing with the uniqueness of each and every facility. We even have access to a special product lines of custom strip-LEDs and special ballasts to replace large traditional fluorescent fixtures. We are even equipped to safely and efficiently replace bulbs and fixtures in hard to reach or inaccessible areas to provide the LED warehouse lighting best suited for your facility.

Our goal is to make YOUR transition to energy efficient LED warehouse lighting an enjoyable and hassle-free experience. Lighting Efficiency & Design not only carries the very best brands of light bulbs, but we install lighting and fixtures backed by our unique warranty that covers BOTH maintenance and labor.

Call us at 661-254-3800 or click on the panel to the right to schedule your free, no-obligation, comprehensive, lighting audit. Learn how much you will save on your warehouse, manufacturing facility or industrial LED lighting bill by converting to energy efficiency lighting.


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