LED Sports Lighting

LED Sports Lighting Is The Best Thing To Happen To Sports Courts, Since, Well…..The Ball

LED Sports Lighting Brings Electricity Savings, Less Down-Time, Better Visibility, Greater Safety, And That’s Just The Start!

LED Stadium Lighting | Outdoor LED Lighting for Sports FacilitiesOne of the reasons that athletic facilities are converting to LED sports lighting is that LED lights draw only 20-30% of the electricity that traditional metal halide bulbs do to output the same light levels. Indoor gymnasiums generally have the fastest financial payback for converting to LED gym lighting because of their long operating hours. LED stadium lighting and outdoor LED lighting for sports facilities tend to be lit for fewer hours each day, and take a little longer to pay back. But there are plenty of other reasons to convert:

  • 1.   Replacing traditional metal halide bulbs when they burn out above a sports court is an expensive process. Lifting devices and trained personnel are required. It can often take days to arrange for the equipment, people and replacement bulbs. In the meantime, the facility must operate with poor lighting, if not downright unsafe lighting. Most LED sports lighting will last for twenty years or more, making bulb replacement a very rare occurrence.
  • 2.   Many California utility companies are offering rebate, subsidies, financing, and in some cases, even guaranteed savings to encourage moving to LED sports lighting. They offer these programs to reduce the load on their electrical grids, but it also creates a real financial incentive for the owners of gymnasiums, sports fields, and sports courts to convert to energy saving LED sports lighting now.
  • 3.   As traditional metal halide bulbs age, their light output drops. So courts and fields can have unsafe lighting well before the bulbs actually burn out. LED sports lighting retains a constant, high quality, light output through virtually their entire life, insuring safe light levels for many, many years.
  • 4.   Most of the specialty LED sports lighting fixtures have integrated optics to insure a more even distribution of light and to provide a greater degree of control over exactly where the light falls. By contrast, traditional fixtures are a single large bulb and a single reflector. Our lighting design team can measure the lighting levels and uniformity delivered by your existing system, and simulate for you how light levels and uniformity will improve with new LED sports lighting, including LED gym lighting, LED stadium lighting and LED sports arena lighting. This reduces the hot spots and dark areas on traditionally lit sports courts and translates to higher safety.
  • LED Sports Lighting | LED Sports Arena Lighting5.   Insects are attracted primarily by ultraviolet and blue light. They cannot really see red light. Because LED sports lighting emits very little ultraviolet light, and emit a broad spectrum of visible light, many users of outdoor LED lighting for sports facilities report that far fewer insects are attracted. And, because the bulbs run much cooler, even fewer are fried and deposited on players and spectators below.

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At Lighting Efficiency & Design, we are committed to helping sports court owners make the conversion to energy-efficient and LED sports lighting a hassle free and profitable experience for you. Whether you have a multisport complex, baseball and softball fields, soccer fields, a tennis club, basketball courts or indoor gymnasiums, now is the time to leverage the financial incentives available and make this very profitable conversion to LED sports lighting.

LED Gym Lighting | LED Lighting for GymnasiumsWe not only carry a broad range of sports-specific LED lighting fixtures, but we install all lighting and fixtures backed by our unique warranty on maintenance and labor. We take pride in providing all of our clients with exceptional service for any and all of their lighting needs.

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