LED Retail Lighting

Why The Smartest Retailers Are Racing To Convert To LED Lighting For Retail Stores

Most Retailers Are Cutting Their Lighting Bills By 60% Or More By Converting To LED Retail Lighting, And That’s Just The Start!

LED Retail Lighting Fixtures | LED Retail Store LightingMany retail stores are converting from standard incandescent and compact fluorescent light bulbs to LED retail lighting fixtures, and the reasons are compelling:

  • 1.   Running multiple high-wattage bulbs, 7 days a week and 10 hours or more each and every day translates to an excellent return on investment when retailers convert from traditional lamps to LED retail lighting fixtures.
  • 2.   Retailers need to show their products in the proper light (sorry for the pun.) Whether it is the right quality of light to make high end jewelry really shine, or the right light spectrum to ensure that your customers see the true colors of your products, your lighting is directly tied to your sales volume. LED retail lighting is the most controllable, and highest quality lighting you can buy. LED lighting for retail stores also allow for terrific control over lighting aesthetics. And, unlike traditional bulbs, LED lamps maintain their light color when dimmed.
  • 3.   Today, savvy retailers are taking advantage of current Utility company subsidies to achieve these great commercial retail lighting improvements with little to no out of pocket cost to convert and often, even guaranteed savings off your electric bill.
  • 4.   Eliminate the embarrassment of having burned out bulbs in your store, and the hassle and cost of continually replacing short-lived traditional bulbs by using ultra-long-life LED retail store lighting that doesn’t need replacement for up to 20 years or more.
  • 5.   Make a statement to your customers by being a leader in environmental stewardship. Let them know that you are a responsible and ethical business that is doing its part to reduce the load of toxic chemicals put in landfills, by using safer, longer lasting LED retail lighting fixtures.

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Commercial Retail Lighting | LED Retail LightingThe United States government has banned the manufacture of incandescent bulbs. When these traditional light bulbs burn out, there will soon be nothing to replace them with. This virtually forces retailers to convert from standard bulbs to another type of retail store lighting. Replacing your burned out, traditional bulbs one at a time, ruins your chance to get financing and rebates available for large-scale changes. And, converting your commercial retail lighting to a new kind of bulb, one at a time results in an aesthetic hodgepodge, with the mix of lighting color and bulb designs.

Nearly any retail environment can be created from the amazing array of LED color temperatures and bulb styles available. LED retail lighting fixtures dim beautifully too- without the change in color that you are used to seeing when traditional bulbs are dimmed!

Our award winning retail lighting design team, can help you achieve any look! Act now, to take advantage of all the current financial incentives for an LED retail lighting conversion and start saving on rising electrical costs today.

LED Lighting for Retail StoresAt Lighting Efficiency & Design, we are committed to helping retailers make the conversion to energy-efficient retail store lighting a hassle free and profitable experience for you. We not only carry the best brands of light bulbs, but we install lighting and fixtures backed by our unique warranty on maintenance and labor. We take pride in providing all of our clients with exceptional service for any and all of their commercial retail lighting needs.

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