LED Restaurant Lighting

Finally, There’s An LED Lighting Conversion Program Just For Restaurants

Save up to 80% on Electricity Bills, Get Extraordinary Control Over Your Dining Room Ambiance, And Better Illuminate Your Cooking And Prep Areas Too!

LED Restaurant Lighting Fixtures | Commercial Restaurant LightingMany restaurants are converting from standard incandescent and compact fluorescent light bulbs to LED restaurant lighting, and the reasons are compelling:

  • 1.   LED restaurant lighting can help save up to 80% off of commercial restaurant lighting bills by using energy efficient LED bulbs.
  • 2.   Control the ambiance in your dining rooms with the right mood-setting color temperature and directional LED restaurant lighting fixture options.
  • 3.   Improve safety in your kitchen and prep areas with brighter (but cheaper to run), shadow-free, flicker free LED kitchen lighting fixtures.
  • 4.   Create an outstanding display of LED bar lighting for your restaurant’s bar area that draws customers to purchase the finest beverages you offer.
  • 5.   Eliminate the hassle and embarrassment of having burned out bulbs while your diners are there, by using ultra-long-life LED restaurant lighting that doesn’t need replacement for many years.
  • 6.   Take advantage of utility company subsidies to reduce your out of pocket cost to convert to LED restaurant lighting.

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Incandescent bulbs are now illegal to manufacture in North America. When standard light bulbs burn out, there will soon be nothing to replace them with. This virtually forces the everyone to convert from standard bulbs to LED restaurant lighting. But doing it one bulb at a time, as they burn out, misses the opportunity to get the financing and rebates available for large-scale changes on commercial restaurant lighting. Replacing one bulb at a time creates an aesthetic nightmare, with the mix of lighting color and bulb designs.

LED Kitchen Lighting for Commercial Restaurant Lighting FixturesModern and traditional restaurants alike are taking advantage of utility company incentives designed to encourage business owners to switch to energy efficient and environmentally friendly LED restaurant lighting technology. As a restaurant owner, you know the importance of creating a warm and inviting atmosphere for customers and providing excellent food and service to keep them coming back. What better way to improve ambiance and replace outdated technology than by upgrading to more efficient and eye-catching lighting solutions.

Nearly any restaurant environment can be created form the wide range of color temperatures available for LED restaurant lighting, and these new bulbs dim beautifully too! From cool bright and hip lighting to warm and more intimate settings, we can achieve any look for your commercial retail lighting, whether it is LED restaurant lighting, LED bar lighting or LED kitchen lighting. Now is the time to take advantage of all the current financial incentives and start saving on rising electrical costs today.

At Lighting Efficiency & Design, we will help make this transition a hassle free and savings-full experience for you. We not only provide the best brands of light bulbs, but we install lighting and restaurant lighting fixtures backed by our unique warranty on maintenance and labor. We take pride in providing all of our clients with exceptional service for any and all of their LED restaurant lighting needs.

Call us at 661-254-3800 or click on the panel to the right to schedule your free, no-obligation, comprehensive, lighting audit. With it, you will uncover how much you will save on your commercial restaurant lighting bill by converting to energy efficiency lighting.


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