LED Parking Lot Lighting

At Last, There’s An LED Lighting Conversion Program Custom Designed For Parking Lots and Parking Garages

Where Else Can You Save up to 80% on Electricity Bills, Conform With New Laws, Insure Customer Safety, Reduce Your Maintenance Costs And Take Advantage Of New And Lucrative Subsidy Programs?

LED Parking Garage LightingParking lot and parking garage owners are rushing to convert from inefficient high-output T-12 light fixtures to high efficiency fluorescents and LED parking lot lighting, and the reasons are compelling:

  • 1.  New Energy Efficient T-8 bulbs save 40% or more compared to traditional inefficient T-12 lamps for commercial parking lot lighting.
  • 2.  Cooler and quieter operation of LED parking lot lights with no flickering during operation for the life of the bulb.
  • 3.  The new LED parking lot lighting provides improved lighting distribution, which translates to a safer environment for customers and residents.
  • 4.  Additional savings apply when using dimmer and motion censors to conserve energy for parking lot and parking garage lighting when no one is in the area.
  • 5.  These LED parking lot lighting projects generally pay back in less than 24 months, a financial return you just can’t find anywhere else.
  • 6.  Enjoy reduced labor costs by no longer constantly replacing burnt out bulbs or discolored lamps by converting to LED lighting for parking lots and garages.
  • 7. Easy and professional retrofitting of old fixtures with LEDs or high efficiency fluorescents without having to replace the parking lot lighting fixtures themselves.

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Parking Lot LED Lighting | LED Parking Lot Lighting

Parking Structures and Underground Garages require adequate lighting for residents and customers alike. Electricity costs have continually risen over the past four years and are projected to rise even more in 2015 in residential, commercial, and industrial sectors.

Because you are required to run your parking lot lighting 24 hours a day, the payback of converting your parking garage or parking lot is very quick. LED and high efficiency fluorescent technology are quickly becoming the standard for parking lot lighting and parking garage lighting. Now is the best time to upgrade outdated and inefficient parking lot lighting with energy efficient and environmentally sustainable high efficiency fluorescent lamps and LED parking lot lights.

LED Parking Lot Lighting | LED Parking Lot Lights

Lighting Efficiency & Design will help make this transition an enjoyable experience with our expertise and professionalism. Lighting Efficiency & Design not only provides the best brands of light bulbs, but we install LED parking lot lighting and fixtures backed by our unique warranty on maintenance and labor.

Call us at 661-254-3800 or click on the panel to the right to schedule your free, no-obligation, comprehensive, lighting audit. With it, you will uncover how much you will save on your commercial parking lot lighting bill by converting to energy efficiency lighting.


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