LED Office Lighting

Who Knew That Saving Piles Of Money Off Your Office’s Electric Bill And Making Your Staff More Effective Was So Easy?

Business Owners And Landlords Know How Large Their Electric Bill Is, But Few Understand How Poor Office Lighting Also Affects Strained Eyes, Reduces Productivity, And Even Crushes Morale!

LED Office Lighting | Office LED Lighting SolutionsDon’t be fooled into thinking that the standard fluorescent bulbs used in your offices are energy efficient. Today, more office buildings are being converted to energy efficient and LED office lighting than ever before and the reasons are compelling:

  • 1.   Converting to a combination of high-efficiency fluorescent bulbs and LED office lighting can save you up to 80% of your current office lighting bill. And that’s just the electricity savings!
  • 2.   LED light bulbs last more than 5 times longer than the typical fluorescent bulbs used in office lighting systems. That means the cost, hassle and inconvenience of changing bulbs goes way down with LED office lighting.
  • 3.   Perhaps least recognized of all is how the quality of “instant on,” flicker-free, warm color LED office lighting reduces eye-strain and improves the richness and colors in the surroundings compared to the stark, cold light from standard fluorescent bulbs.
  • 4.   Power companies are struggling to supply enough electricity to keep up with power demands in their communities. As a result, they are now offering rebates, financing, and other incentives to businesses that convert to more efficient LED lighting for offices right now.
  • 5.   LEDs are “green.” In California, where residents appreciate the importance of environmental stewardship, responsible businesses are growing customer and employee loyalty by replacing short lived bulbs that contain toxic chemicals with long-life LED lighting for offices.

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In this turbulent business climate, all businesses need to be proactive in reducing costs. Office lighting costs are one place that business owners can turn to for guaranteed and significant savings. By converting to commercial LED lighting for offices, you will realize the wide range of benefits to your business!

Commercial LED Lighting for Offices | Office Lighting SystemsSo what do you need to do to get started with an LED office lighting conversion? You need a company that stays on top of current programs and legislation to make sure you are compliant with new lighting laws. One that will assist in taking advantage of all the current financial incentives provided with converting to LED office lighting. You need a company that specializes in office lighting systems. You need the experts at Lighting Efficiency and Design

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