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The world of grants, rebates, promotions, tax credits, tax deductions, financing, savings guarantees, and utility incentives is complex, and rapidly changing. The good news is that there are extraordinary and compelling reasons to convert to energy-efficient LED lighting today. The LED lighting savings on electricity are so significant that the government and the utility companies themselves have stepped up and established huge incentives to change your lighting now.

LED Light Savings | Lighting FinancingEPAC Tax Benefit Assistance

The Energy Policy Act of 2005 created special tax deductions to allow business owners to write of some or all of the cost of upgrading to energy efficient lighting. Lighting Efficiency & Design have EPAC tax experts who will help you navigate the maze of paperwork to ensure you receive all the tax advantages you deserve for being a responsible environmental steward.


Some utility companies offering up to 100% financing (literally no money down, no cost whatsoever lighting conversions.) Armed with the detailed and accurate lighting audit results from Lighting Efficiency and Design, these utility companies will allow you to continue paying your electricity bill at current levels and apply the savings to pay off your new lighting systems. After those systems are paid off, (most often at 0% interest), your electricity bill drops and all the ongoing energy savings go into your pocket- forever. LED, Inc. will help you with all the paperwork and red-tape involved in qualifying for these special plans if they are available in your location.

LED Lighting Savings | Lighting Retrofit FinancingIncentives

Incentives are rapidly changing offers that directly reduce the cost of some LED bulbs and some LED fixtures. These incentives most often are available on Energy Star rated bulbs. That’s why Lighting Efficiency & Design only carries bulbs from the most reputable, highest quality lighting companies, and favors Energy Star rated bulbs in all their proposal. Check with the experts at LED, Inc. to find out what incentives apply to your specific lighting needs.

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