LED Lighting for Homeowners Associations

Finally, There’s An LED Lighting Conversion Program Hand-Tailored For HOAs

Cut Electric Costs by 70%, Beautify Your Community, Thrill Your Homeowners, And Take Advantage Of New And Lucrative Subsidy Programs!

LED Lighting for Homeowners AssociationsHOA’s everywhere are rushing to convert from standard incandescent, fluorescent, and metal halide bulbs to LED lighting for homeowners associations, and the reasons are compelling:

  • 1.   LED lighting for homeowners associations can help save up to 80% off of HOA lighting bills by using energy efficient LED bulbs
  • 2.   Electricity costs are projected to rise higher over the next 5 years, making the savings of going to energy efficient LED bulbs for homeowners associations even greater
  • 3.   The LED lighting for HOA communities is essential for safety and to deter vandalism. LED bulbs run for years and years without burnout, insuring consistent, safe lighting in all functions, from outdoor LED lighting to LED tennis court lighting, and even LED landscape lighting for homeowners associations.
  • 4.   Many bulbs in homeowners associations are hard to reach making them difficult and expensive to replace. Switching to long-lasting LED bulbs can save big money in the cost of labor and equipment to replace those bulbs
  • 5.   Power companies are struggling to supply enough electricity to keep up with power demands in their communities. As a result, they are now offering rebates, financing, and other incentives to people who convert to LED lighting right now
  • 6.   LEDs are “green.” In California, where residents appreciate the importance of environmental stewardship, responsible HOAs are leading the way by replacing short lived bulbs that contain toxic chemicals, to long-life LEDs
  • 7.   Homeowners associations can now do much more than just duplicate their existing lighting with a more energy efficient alternative. HOAs can upgrade the look with our award-winning LED lighting design expertise. Control the exact color, brightness, light distribution and mood.
  • 8.   Almost all incandescent bulbs are now illegal to manufacture in North America. When standard lightbulbs burn out, there will soon be nothing to replace them with. This virtually forces the conversion from standard bulbs to LED lighting for homeowners associations. But doing it one bulb at a time, as they burn out, misses the opportunity to get the financing and rebates available for large scale changes

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Let’s face it. In these hard economic times, HOA boards and management companies need to be proactive to reduce costs while keeping their neighborhoods safe and attractive. Where else can a homeowners association board go to save thousands on their electric bill, with guaranteed savings, and very short payback periods? And all this while positioning their community as a leader in social responsibility. It’s a great combination, and NOW is the time to act.

Outdoor LED Lighting for HOASo, what’s an HOA board or management company to do? It isn’t as simple as just ordering and screwing in replacement bulbs. There are lots of technical and aesthetic factors to consider in picking the right LED bulbs (and even other energy efficient bulbs), whether it is LED site lighting, outdoor LED lighting, LED landscape lighting or a variety of other functions. There are housings, bases, back-up power systems, and wiring to inspect to insure safety. There are numerous additional cost saving features to consider- including timers, motion sensors, photo cells, and automatic dimming systems, just to name a few. There are the complexities of navigating the current programs and legislation to make sure you are compliant with new lighting laws, and taking advantage of all the current financial incentives. You need a company that specializes in energy efficient lighting conversions for HOA lighting. You need the experts at Lighting Efficiency and Design.

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