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Households Everywhere Are Converting To LED Home Lighting And Here’s Why

First Of All, They Have To. But Second Of All, It’s A Great Idea!

LED Home Lighting | Interior LED Lighting for HomeThe United States government has made it illegal to manufacture incandescent bulbs. When these traditional light bulbs run out at your local retail store, there will be nothing to replace your burned out incandescent bulbs with. This virtually forces everyone to convert from standard bulbs to LED home lighting, or to compact fluorescent bulbs. Replacing your incandescent bulbs one at a time, as they burn out, wastes your chance to get financing and rebates available for large-scale changes. Plus, replacing one bulb at a time creates an aesthetic nightmare, resulting in a household full of a garish mix of lighting color and bulb designs.

It’s time to take control of your own destiny and move to the world of energy-efficient LED home lighting on your own terms, while taking advantage of the remarkable incentives in place to do so right now. Here’s why converting part or all of your home to energy efficient lighting makes sense today:

  • 1.   Electricity Savings: Converting from traditional incandescent bulbs to LED home lighting in your highest lighting usage areas will pay back fast and save you money on every monthly electric bill for the next twenty years or more. The brighter the light and the more often you use it, the more money you’ll save by going to LED. In most homes, going to residential LED lighting saves the most money in the kitchen, the living room, kid’s bedrooms, and in landscape, patio, and porch lighting that is frequently used.
  • 2.   Better Quality Light In Important Areas: LED home lighting emits a broad spectrum of light making the lighting very natural. Objects illuminated by LED light show their true colors, unlike what they look like under distinctly yellow tungsten incandescent bulbs, or fluorescent lights with their distinctly green cast. So, in walk in closets, use LED’s to illuminate your clothes and see clearly the colors you are picking out. Use LED’s in vanity mirror lighting to apply shave or put on make-up and know what you will look like in normal lighting. Use LED’s everywhere that you traditionally use dimmer switches, including LED home lighting, LED kitchen lighting and LED bathroom lighting, because incandescent bulbs turn very yellow as they are dimmed and completely distort all normal colors.
  • 3.   Avoid Having To Replace Bulbs In Hard-To-Reach Places: Most LED home lighting lasts for 20 years or more. Using them in cathedral ceilings, above staircases, and other high-up, hard-to-reach places means you won’t be dragging out your ladder and balancing precariously removing and replacing a fragile glass incandescent bulb again anytime soon.
  • Residential LED Lighting | Outdoor LED Lights for Home4.   Control Your Home’s Lighting And Create A Work Of Art: LED bulbs and lighting fixtures are available with all kinds of integrated optics to insure a more even distribution of light, a high quality of light, and to provide a greater degree of control over exactly where the light falls. Our lighting design team can help you achieve any look you desire in your home or in your landscape. Call us to see some of the homes we have converted to LED and to get ideas about how residential LED lighting can make your home even more attractive.
  • 5.   Be Safer: LED bulbs do not burn hot like incandescent bulbs. That means no tiny burned fingers from a child touching a hot bulb. And, fire risks are drastically reduced as well.
  • 6.   Be Green and Environmentally Responsible: Make a statement to your family, your neighbors and your community by being a leader in environmental stewardship. Consume less energy, shrink your carbon footprint, and reduce the load of toxic chemicals put into landfills, when incandescent and fluorescent bulbs are discarded. Instead, use safer, longer lasting LED home lighting.

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LED Bathroom Lighting | LED Kitchen LightingAt Lighting Efficiency & Design, we not only carry a broad range of residential LED bulbs and lighting fixtures, but we install all lighting and fixtures backed by our unique warranty on maintenance and labor. In addition, we are plugged into all the rebate, incentive, and financing programs available in California today. We’ll help you make the conversion to LED home lighting for the least cost to you and with the greatest return.

Call us at 661-254-3800 or click on the panel to the right to schedule your free, no-obligation, comprehensive, lighting audit. Learn how much you will save on your residential LED lighting bill by converting to energy efficiency lighting.


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