TPC Valencia Saves Big With LED Clubhouse Lighting Conversion

TPC Valencia Saves Big With LED Clubhouse Lighting Conversion

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Golf Course Clubhouse Lighting | TPC Valenica Case StudyTPC Valencia is a private golf club located in the beautiful Santa Clarita Valley in Southern California. TPC (tournament players club) Valencia is one of the United States-wide network of 38 high end golf courses located coast to coast and operated by the PGA Tour. Located just off of Interstate 5, 35 miles north of the city of Los Angeles, TPC Valencia centers around a challenging, par 72, championship 18-hole golf course designed by Mark O’Meara. With sweeping views of the pictureque Santa Clarita Valley, the course is complemented by a superb, 32,000 square foot clubhouse and dining facilities built in an old California ranch-style architecture.

Golfers start at the crack of dawn and then they’re golfing till dusk. And then, the clubhouse is open afterwards for special events and dinners. And in the summertime the restaurant and bar are open even later to accommodate members and guests. These long operating hours translated into high electricity bills for the clubhouse lighting and golf course lighting. With utility costs rising rapidly, this was something that Michael, TPC’s head groundskeeper began to focus on. It turns out that, by coincidence, that Lighting Efficiency & Design had just begun a promotional program to encourage retailers to undertake bulb-for-bulb and fixture-for-fixture conversions from standard lighting to energy efficient LED lighting for clubhouses and retailers like theirs. (The program was a rebate program applied directly against the purchase price at the time of purchase.)

LED Club House Lighting | TPC Valencia Case Study

The TPC clubhouse lighting, has three major areas: the foyer and hallways, the retail golf pro shop, and the restaurant, bar and banquet area. Right off, TPC and Lighting Efficiency & Design decided that the restaurant, bar and banquet areas were not good candidates. Unlike the pro shop and foyer, the restaurant area did not require lighting for the same long hours. So, the financial drive to save electricity there was much reduced. And, the lighting in those areas was with chandelier candelabra bulbs. The LED replacements for those bulbs at the time this project was done, had a larger base that the client did not like. So that part of the conversion project was put on a back burner until additional LED candelabra bulb designs came on the market.
The Pro Shop and Foyer areas however were ideal candidates for bulb swapping under this promotional program. The long operating hours and subsidized bulb prices made for a very quick payback for TPC Valencia. Prior to the conversion, the foyer was lit with 100 watt incandescent bulbs. The clubhouse lighting was soft and warm, and the same color temperature and lighting quality was achieved through 10 watt LED bulbs, saving a whopping 90% of the lighting bill in that area.

The story in the retail Pro Shop was even better. The rebate program that reduced LED bulb prices was tailored to retailers who operate for many hours a day, and use lots of lighting. This TPC retail shop fit the bill perfectly. Prior to the LED clubhouse lighting conversion, the Pro Shop was lit with many 75 watt Halogen Par38 bulbs. The bulbs were on track-lights to illuminate product on shelves and on the wall, in overhead lights to showcase products on tables and racks, and behind the counter. While 75 watt Halogen Par38 bulbs are about 30% more efficient than incandescent bulbs, the bulbs are quite expensive and do not necessarily last any longer than incandescent bulbs. Even more important is the fact that in a retail location, lighting is an essential part of promoting the product. Halogen lighting does not do a good job of showing off the true colors of merchandise, especially clothing.

LED Retail Lighting for Golf Course Pro Shops | TPC Valencia Case StudyThe client and Lighting Efficiency & Design selected 13 watt LED bulbs with a 3000K color temperature. The difference was astounding. The electricity cost savings alone (83%) were substantial. But the change in the presentation of the clothing and merchandize was amazing. The reds looked a true red, and all colors were more accurately presented. The lighting levels were slightly increased too, even when using less than 1/5th of the original electricity. As bulbs were swapped out to LED’s, and the electricity savings and “look” improvement became obvious, TPC’s management added more and more bulbs to this conversion. When all was said and done, there were four orders for bulb for bulb replacements. And, if you ask the experts at Lighting Efficiency & Design, they’ll tell you that it’s only a matter of time before a beautiful LED candelabra bulb becomes available and the entire TPC facility’s clubhouse lighting will have been converted to LED.

“As the Facility Manager at the TPC at Valencia, I was looking to cut energy costs when Chris from L.E.D. approached meabout my lighting throughout the Clubhouse. L.E.D had a great rebate program and made making the changeover to LED lighting very simple. The ROI was less that a year. Chris was very attentive to our needs and was on the spot getting our product to us. We have had several comments from members and guests on how much brighter it is in the clubhouse. The item that works for me is that we are using less KW which is less energy cost for the Club. Thank you, Chris.” 

– Michael Snider – TPC at Valencia

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