The Perfect Storm Rains Great Returns Down On The Paseo Club Facility Lighting

The Perfect Storm Rains Great Returns Down On The Paseo Club Facility Lighting

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Club Facility Lighting | Club Restaurant Lighting | Paseo Club Case StudyThe Paseo Club is a fitness and social club located in beautiful Valencia, California.  It features 15 championship lit tennis courts spread out over 8 acres, a junior olympic-sized swimming pool and large jacuzzi, a fully equipped fitness center and spa, a restaurant, bar and party room.  The club’s motto- ‘where life is good’- motto sums up the facility,  which is close enough to Los Angeles to be convenient, yet far enough away to be a sanctuary.

The primary factor in how dramatic the savings are from converting traditional lights to LED is how long the club facility lighting is operated each day.  The more hours the bulbs are used each day, the faster the payback from converting to LED lighting, and boy, the Paseo Club was able to reap those benefits in spades.  Opening at 5am each day and closing at 10pm or later, it was typical for the Paseo Club’s lighting to operate for 17 hours or more each and every day.  That spells high electricity costs when the bulbs are traditional incandescents, and huge savings when the bulbs are converted to LEDs.  The Paseo Club recognized this and began a project to cut its club facility lighting bill.  The timing couldn’t have been better.  Four key factors all in play, and made this quite an exceptional project.

Fitness Club Lighting | Club Facility Lighting | Paseo Club Case StudyThe first factor, of course, was the long operating hours at the Paseo Club.  This meant that there was plenty of room for savings on the Paseo Club’s massive monthly utility bill.   The second factor was that Lighting Efficiency & Design was offering a point of purchase rebate program that substantially reduced the cost of each bulb to the Paseo Club.  That rebate reduced the price of each bulb by more than 50%.  This price discount, multiplied by the more than 300 bulbs replaced in the project translated into huge reduction in the cost of the project.  The third factor was that the Paseo Club had its own in-house maintenance team, so there was no labor cost to making the bulb swaps.  This further reduced the cost of the project itself.  Finally, Lighting Efficiency & Design’s “Shared Savings Program” that allowed the Paseo Club to pay for the program with savings on their electric bill rather than having to pay for the project upfront.  These four factors combined to create the perfect storm- a project with an unheard of return on investment

Spa Club Lighting | Club Facility Lighting | Paseo Club Case StudyWhen all was said and done, the Paseo Club replaced 385 bulbs, including the foyer, the lobby, the restaurant, the bar, the party room, the fitness center and the spa.  Many of those bulbs were 40 watt incandescent bulbs in chandeliers that were replaced with high-efficiency 4 watt LEDs.  That’s more than a 90% savings on electricity.  They used their monthly lighting savings to pay the project off in installments.  The entire cost of project was paid off in four months.  FOUR MONTHS!  And, once the Paseo Club had the project paid off they began to put more than $9,400 in annual electricity savings straight into their pocket.  The club facility lighting savings will be higher in future years too, as utility prices climb, and as the benefit of long lived LED bulbs eliminate all the bulb replacements that had to be done with traditional lighting. In addition to these extraordinary financial savings, the Paseo Club upgraded its look too.  Most prominent was a relighting of their exterior welcome sign- “The Paseo Club” logo lit against a light stucco wall.  The extra light intensity from the LEDs and the use of a special lens makes it a dramatic feature indeed.

Four month payoff of investment is a rare thing, but happen when all the right factors are in alignment.  That was the case here, and the Paseo Club couldn’t be happier that they were!

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